NICHOLAS    Family Tree.
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  John Parrell  Amelia Parrell nee Smith 1841 - 1924       Children
   1842 –1910  Birth :-  24 Mar 1879  Mortlake, Surrey,
 Amelia Parrell ( Smith ) had 5- children

 Annie :-     Married Herbert Nicholas 1880 - 1958
 Rebecca :- Had a baby called Edie ( see below )

  John Nicholas

  Hannah Kippen     ( George & Olive Kippen ?? )
   A note from Clare. :- I cannot tell you anything abouts Grandads mother as she died when he was 7 - years old, & he did not know her maiden name. All relevant papers must have been distroyed by George, after his sister Olive died.

Sorry, no further details

  Arthur Nicholas  
  Hetty Nicholas  
  Courtney Nicholas  
  Herbert Nicholas   
  Alice Nicholas   
  Bertha Nicholas  
  Frederick Nicholas  

  Children of John & Hanna Nicholas
  Arthur Nicholas           no details    
  Hetty Nicholas            no details    
  Courtney Nicholas       no details    
  Alice Nicholas             no details    
  Bertha Nicholas           no details    
  Frederick Nicholas       no details    

  Herbert Nicholas   1880–1958
  born :-   24 Apr 1880  Surbiton or Tolworth
Was a fireman for a while & was working for the   local council when he lived in East Molesey.
  Clare went to the same school as Rosemarie, which   was at the corner 50 yd's away. ( now a housing   devotement )

  He moved to Newbury, where he became the general   forman in charge of the council yard
  Attached to the yard was a house ( council ? ) which   had the rear entrance opening directly into the   council yard.
  before & when he retired he lived in a House on   London Road. Newbury, Berkshire.
  This is where the photo of the 50 years of marriage   was taken,

  Died :-  31, School Rd,  East Molesey, Surrey
  After his wife died, he went to live with
  Gladys ( Queenie ) & Harold. but was not happy
   living there with them.
  So came to live with Clare & Roy, in School Rd.   East Molesey & shared a bedroom with Andrew &   Terry.

 Annie Parrell        1880 - 1958
 Married 1903
 Died :- Dec 1953   Newbury, Berkshire,

  Herbert John Nicholas        ( Bert in Shoreham ))
  Frederick James Nicholas  ( Derek's Dad )
  Gladys M. Nicholas           ( Queenie )
  Clara Nicholas                  ( Clare )
  Phyllis) Nicholas    
          ( Joan )

  Child of Herbert & Annie Nicholas

  Herbert Nicholas
  born :- abt 1904           Thornhill Rd, Tolworth,
  died :-  21 Dec 1963     Shoreham, Sussex

  Doris Edith Wyer  1905 - 1975
  Marriage Date: 26 Jul 1930
  Father: Albert Edward Wyer
  Paul Nicholas :- he died when about 21 years old
  Ann Nicholas
  Frederick Nicholas  1907 – 1972    Fireman  Cissie Birkbeck. Relations lived on a farm in Cumbria   Derek James Nicholas
  Gladys Nicholas 1911 –         ( Queenie )   Harold               Lived in Newbury   None
  Clara Nicholas   ( Clare )   
 born :- 29 Jan 1913
 died :-
14 Jan  2001     Worthing, East Sussex.
  Roy Bertram Wheatley
  born :- 9 March 1913
died :-  14  Oct  1988

  Terence Roy Wheatley           1 Jun 1939
  Rosemarie Wheatley            26 Oct 1946
  Andrew Charles Wheatley     29 Sept 1951

  Phyllis Joan Nicholas born :- 11 Feb 1920  ( Joan )   died :- 1998   Berkshire

  Albert Shepard born :- 3 Nov 1922 - 2002
  married  July 1944   Newbury, Berkshire


  Child of Frederick & Cissie Nicholas
  Derek James Nicholas
  Birth :- 12 Jun  1934
  Died :- 19 Feb 2004   West Devon

  Meryl A Broderick
  Marriage :- Apr 1957
  Lived @ 41, the Gateway,Woking,
  Then moved to West Devon with Derek

  Paul Nicholas was killed in a road traffic accident
  in Woking when quite young 
  Ian Nicholas. lives in Plymouth, Devon

 She was Clara's ( Clare's ) cousin
 Auntie Edie see image below of 
 Amelia Parrell ( nee Smith ) &  siblings
 They lived in Tolworth, Surrey


 Maureen birthday 3rd Nov ??  
 Married :- Brian Thorogood   2nd June 1956
 A Son that might have been called Harry

Frederick ( Derek's dad ) his dad Herbert ( on right )
I guess that they were stationed in East Molesey  which was based on Walton Rd, a few minutes walk from School / Cul-de-Sac road.

 Ladies pose :- looks like
Cissie, Fred's wife & Derek's mum as the driver on the East Molesey Fire Engine

Looks like Frederick ( Derek's dad top left )
Herbert ( his Dad ) next on right

John + Hannah Nicholas ( nee Kippen )
Clare's Grand mother & Grand father,
Amelia Parrell nee Smith ( mother of Annie )
Polly, Thomas, Annie, Rebecca
& baby Edie  ( brother :- James no photo )
Annie Amelia Nicholas nee Parrell
Clare's mother

Joan ( Phyllis ) with baby Terry
Joan with Clare in cart

       Gladys     Frederick          Clare          Joan
    (Queenie )  Derek's dad
Ann,     Paul,    David,    Terry,   Derek

 Queenie. Terry, David
at  11 Cul de Sac Rd,  East Molesey

Clare with Terry

Herbert, Annie, & Terry at Cul-de-Sac Rd

Herbert & Annie with Terry

Derek, David, & Terry
in Cumbria during the WW11

Paul, who lived in Shoreham with his
sister  Ann, his Mum Doris, & Dad Herbert.
He died about 21

Fred, Bert, Herbert,
Annie , Clare, Gladys
( Joan not born )

Derek is sadly missed.
he was like an older brother to David & Terry

Herbert & Annie
Bert, Fred. Gladys, Clare.

50 year wedding reception at Newbury, Buckinghamshire.     Married 1903

Herbert & Annie

  1. Frederick ( Bert ) Nicholas lived in Shoreham. married to Doris (3)
  2. Ken married to Ann Nicholas (19)
  3. Edie Nicholas  ??
  4. Albert Shepard married to Joan ( 20)
  5. Doris married to Bert (1) mother of Ann (19) ( & Paul who died young )
  6. Frederick (Fred) Nicholas, married to Cissie (8) Derek's dad.
  8. Cissie, Derek's mum
  9. Derek Nicholas
11. Roy Wheatley married to Clare (24)
12. Bertha
13. Harolds daughter
14. Harold married Queenie (25)
15. Betty Rand  ??

16. Maurice married Edie Nicholas  lived in Tolworth        mother Amelia Parrell
19. Ann daughter of Bert (1)& Doris (3)
20. Joan Nicholas married to Albert Shepard  (4)
21. Herbert Nicholas married Annie Parrell 1903,  50 years ago (22)
22. Annie married Herbert (21)
23. Andrew Wheatley son of Roy (11) & Clare (24)
24. Clare married Roy Wheatley (11)
25  Queenie married Harold (14)
28. Terry Wheatley son of Roy (11) & Clare (24)
29. Rosemarie Wheatley daughter of of Roy (11) & Clare (24)
30. Graham Shepard son of Albert (4) & Joan (20)
31. Nicholas Shepard son of Albert (4) & Joan (20)   Estimated guess

  11 Cul-de-Sac / 31 School Rd    The white one is No 31                       
   54, Lower Green Rd. the one on the right
                       General info.
   Roy & Clare took David into their home to care for him when his mother Olive ( Roys sister ) died from TB. Olive nursed their father through TB and must have picked up the infection from him. Olive had married George Cannon & he tried to look after baby David when Olive died, but found that he could not managed that. He talked to Roy & Clare about putting David into a children's home, so Roy & Clare took him into their home. Olive died when David was about 11/2 years old. He was not adopted as Roy & Clare wanted him to have his own identity. He was with them before Terry was born. & naturally they bonded like brothers, & shared a double bed for years. ( who had the most scars ? )
   The first Nazi V1 rockets were fired from the Netherlands at London on the 13th June 1944, up to that date David, & Terry were still living in their own home in East Molesey with Derek about 1 mile away on Walton Rd. Terry remembers seeing & hearing a V1 rocket, making its pup pup sound, just before that time, the air raid siren had already sounded, Clare, David & Terry were making their way slowly to the air raid shelter next door ( The Coleau's ) ( to the left ) as their own one was flooded. When Clare heard & saw it, we ran like mad to the shelter, which was about 15 yd's away. This V1 fell about 3 km away, in Hampton, Middlesex, ( straight line distance ) so when we saw it, it was just about to drop & blow up what ever it hit. Before or after that event, a large house which was used as a laundry was blown up by a bomb from an aircraft, This was situated in Hansler Grove which was about 127 mtr away from our home in Cul-de-sac Rd. ( School Road ) ( as the crow flies ). It must have happen before we were evacuated to Cumbria. David remembered it, being about 71/2 years old, but Terry does not have a clue, being about 5 years old.
   Clare, Cissie, ( Derek's mum ) Derek, David, & Terry were evacuated to a place called Asby or nearby by, in Cumbria (1944 most likely,) as Cissie had relations on a farm there. Clare, David & Terry moved in to a small cottage, which was very basic and beside a stream call the Beck, ( I think that is a local name for a stream as there is many Beck's in the area ), Water was from a hand pump outside the door, the toilet I do not remember, but guess it was very very basic, Hot water came from a pot on the wood stove, we lived there until the war was near the end. No ceiling, just the floor boards on the bedroom above, One night Clare was writing a letter to Roy, who was based in Ceylon ( Sri Lanka ) for the war, and David got out of bed to use the poe, for a pee, partly missed the poe and his pee dripped through the gap in the boards & dripped down onto the letter that Clare was writing to Roy. Clare was not amused. ( I presume )
   I think Cissie & Derek stayed on the farm. We three went to a local school, which was just the other side of the Beck and close to the farm. David & Terry could cross by a small foot bridge or by stepping stones, which was 100 yd's shorter, but it also meant that we did not pass the gate of a person who we called Shoddy Bob, he was always dressed in black & may have been a cripple, he was always hanging over his gate making some sort of noise to us & other kids. He scared the pair of us, so we used the stepping stones ( more fun anyway ) just to avoid getting that close to him. While we were there, Terry had to go to the Carlisle hospital to have his tonsils removed. David & Terry often joined Derek on the farm where we had a great time playing in the hay barn swinging on ropes etc helping with the hay making, cannot image what good that was for the farmer. In that autumn Clare ( mum ) took us out into the fields to go Rose Hop picking from the hedge rows, as she received money from the government for each sack we picked. They were used to make Rose hip syrup.
   One time we were taken by Derek's farmer relation up into the nearby hills, were he showed us the water turbine at the bottom of a waterfall that generated electricity for the village as a standby. At the top we all walked along the stream which was in a slight uphill direction, the farmer then laid down on the bank of the stream, and the three of us did the same and were told not to move, as he was going fishing. !! He scanned the clear stream water moved slowly a few times, then very slowly put his hand in the water, he had spotted a trout in the water under the bank overhang, slowly he moved his fingers to stroke the fish, then suddenly he grabbed it and flung it on the bank, then picked it up & showed us how to tickle a trout to lull it into a trance state. It was a Rainbow trout but small, so it was carefully put back into the water. The three of us had a great time up there, but when did we return home? but it was before VE day, because the locals built a bonfire in the road at the end ( remember it was a cul-de-sac ) and the tarmac caught fire, there was cheering & happiness in buckets loads. A lot of houses were left empty for a couple of years or more, but were not touch by vandals & robbers, as every one had other things on their minds. As a by the way, when Roy & Clare bought the house at 54 Lower Green Rd, Esher, around 1960 we found out that it was rebuilt after the war because it got bombed by aircraft aiming for the railway bridge just across the road, that carried the main line from the south coast to London.