WHEATLEY.ORG    Family Tree.

  Child of Edward William Wheatley & Alice Frost


 Beatrice Marie Edgecomb  
 Married 1910
 January - March,   at Hampstead

  Olive Wheatley
  Roy Bertram Wheatley

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Albert Bertram Wheatley
Roy's Father

Beatrice Marie ( Edgecomb )
Roy's Mother

  Birth Year October 1886
  Birth Place :- East Molesey, Surrey,
  Died ;-
 died 19 Apr  1935 from TB
  1 Park Side Cottages,
   Beauchamp Road,   East Molesey
  Occupation :-  Plumber

  Residence Year: 1923 @
  1 Sefton Cottages, School Road

  Father: Edward W Wheatley
  Mother: Alice Wheatley

 Household Members: in 1891
                                                 age       born

born 1882 or 3
Birth Place: Kingsbridge, Devon,  
Married 1910   January - March,
at Hampstead

Edward W Wheatley
Alice Wheatley
William E Wheatley
Henrietta Wheatley  
Alice L Wheatley
Frederick A Wheatley Charles H Wheatley 
Daisy E Wheatley
Alfred B Wheatley
Stanley V Wheatley

  39     41
1850 1878 

  Only have a old print of Albert in Uniform about the age of 26.( above ) but looking carefully, you can see he was wearing jodhpurs and on his shoes / boots, you can just make out spurs on the rear of them. Therefore he was on horse back, stationed in the UK or in Europe ??  There was at that time a Army regiment called     " Surrey Yeomanry    "Sorry but at this time I have no further information "

  Roy Bertram Wheatley ( my father ) mentioned that he left home about the age of 12 to 14 to live with his auntie
( name ?? ) and that Albert was an alcoholic with other issues. Perhaps he had PTS from the war.
He died on ;-  19 Apr  1935, from TB,  Roy's sister Olive nursed him until he died, & then Olive died from TB catching it from her father, around 1935 /36.
  In the meantime she had married George Cannon, & they had a son called David, born 17th Dec 1936. When Olive died David's father George tried to look after a new born baby. but after many months he found that he could not manage it, with work etc. Roy & Clara ( Clare ) were asked to take him, or that he would be put into a home. Clara was concerned that she was only married for a short time, then she would suddenly produced a baby!!!!. David lived with Roy & Clara for a year or two before they both had a child of their own, called Terence ( me ) Roy & Clara had the opportunity to adopt David but decided not to, as they thought that he should keep his own identity. My earliest memory was sharing a double bed with David & for many years to come. David always called Roy & Clara, Auntie & Uncle. No formal paperwork for taking David into their home was ever completed, or suggested.