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Alice Louise Wheatley
Father :- Edward William Wheatley
Mother :-
Alice Frost                         

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  Alice Louise Wheatley         known to us as Auntie Louise.
born December 1881   Catherine Cottages, East Molesey
married:-  Earnest Burton 25 August 1919
she died   Oct 1966      1 Park Side Cottages, Beauchamp Road,  built in 1911
To our best knowladge. This now known as 48 & 50 Beauchamp Road. East Molesey,

Occupation: General Grocer
Shop at 50 Beauchamp Road, ( Shop Address )
Shop entrance in :-   1, Nightingale Road,  East Molesey

She sold the shop to Roy & Clare Wheatley when Roy came home from the war, on a pension type scheme. They committed to pay her a sum for every week of her life, until she died. Presume it was on a sliding scale over the years.

Auntie Louie was living above the shop for many years while Roy ran it

   Earnest George Burton   
born January  1880    
Islington, London
died :- 20 Feb 1940 •
50, Beauchamp Road, East Molesey
He was listed as a carpenter, & did not work in the shop

Letters of Administration handed down to his widow Alice Louise Burton effects valued at £500.0s 0d.
( that amount was in 1940 ) = £28,174 pounds in 2021

Father :- William Thomas Burton was born in 1849 in Chelsea, Middlesex.
He had one son with Bessie L Clements in 1880.
He died in January 1907 in St Marylebone, Middlesex, at the age of 58. 
mother,.Bessie L Clements 1849–1920


Earnest George & Alice Louise

           Rosemarie,                            Clare,   Andrew,      ??           Roy,       Alice Louise
                        image taken about 1957