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Daisey Ethel Wheatley

Father :- Edward William Wheatley   
                Mother :- Alice Frost  ;                            1848 - 1919   

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child of
Edward WilliamWheatley  & Alice Frost
CHILDREN & details
Daisey Ethel Wheatley   25 Nov 1884
East Molesey
died :- 20 Dec 1976
married :- 20th Nov 1909
Frank ( Francis ) Viney   
born 16th June 1886   died 31st Oct 1955
West Green ,Heighington,   Darlington
son of Richard James Viney

Phylis Viney
Frances Alice Viney
Daisey Viney
Emmie Viney
Frank Newton Viney
Alan Viney


Child of Daisy Ethel Wheatley & Frank Viney
CHILDREN & details
Phylis Viney  
born 18th Dec 1911      died 1974
Hampton,  Middlesex  
Oswald Kelly    born 11 Apr 1912 Martin Kelly  married Ann  Parnell
Sheila Kell    married Keith Clennet  then John Rudge
Barbara Kelly married John Dixon
Francis Alice Viney   
born 29 Feb   1912
@ 78 Stanley Gardens,   Teddington.
died 19th Nov 1975
  7, Hamilton Rd. Stocton

James Francis Kellager
18th Aug 1934 Parish Church,   Billingham.
born 20 Sept 1911.  
75 Bishop St. Stocton
James Francis Kallagher    & Jessie Galagher

William Kallagher
Norman Kallagher
Allan Kellagher
Ann Kallagher
John Kallagher
Olwyn Kallagher

  Children of   Frances Alice Viney
CHILDREN & details
William Kallagher
born 25th Aug 1936   Stockton on Tees
Jenny Margaret Batty
18th July 1959
Richard James Kallagher
Jane Ann Kallagher
Norman Kallagher
born 3rd Apr 1938   Stockton on Tees
Ann Burroughs
born 30th Nov 1940
Alison Kallagher
Judith Kallagher Ian Jones Samuel Kallagher Jones
Wendy Kallagher   born 12th Oct 1966 Mark Gatford Sarah Gatford
Kate Gatford
Alan Kallagher
born 23rd Jul 1939   Stockton on Tees
Joan Winifred Brannan
born 13th Jan 1938
Christine Julie Kellagher
born 1966 died 18th July 1971
Joanne Kallagher