WHEATLEY.ORG    Family Tree.

  Father :- Alfred Bertram Wheatley   1886 - 1935
         Mother :- Beatrice Marie Edgecomb
 1882 - 1920    

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  Olive Wheatley  
  born 1911    died 1936

  George Cannon

 David Henry Graham Cannon
17th Dec 1936 :- 31st Dec 2019

        Olive & George Cannon
Olive ( nee Wheatley )   daughter of
Albert Wheatley & Beatrice Marie,
brother of Roy Bertram

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Clare with David

              David with soft toy

Gladys Gator,    ( nee Cannon ) born as Eileen
 David's half sister

Terry, Gladys, & David

            Terry, Rosemarie, & David

Auntie Queen Terry & David
at  11 Cul de Sac Road
renamed to  31 School Road. East Molesey

Terry Wheatley & David Cannon
Brothers but actually cousins

David & Terry

Derek, Terry & David in Cumbria
as we were evacuated there during the war
this was in 1944 sometime after June.

As Terry & David saw & heard a Nazi V1 rocket.
w hich landed in Hampton, Middlesex about 3 km away
They started being fired into London during June 1944
We returned to Molesey some time before VE day on the 8th May 1945 as the residence of the road had a bonfire, roasting ???   and the road tarmacadam caught fire.

 George Cannon was married before he married Olive & had a daughter called Eileen, who went by the name of Gladys and who was David's half sister.  In the meantime Olive married George, & they had a son called David, born 17th Dec 1936. When Olive died David's father George tried to look after a new born baby. but after many months he found that he could not manage it, with work etc. Roy & Clara ( Clare ) offered to take and to raise him, he was about 9 or 10 months old at that time, otherwise George said that he would be put into a home. Clara was concerned that she was only married for a short time, but then she would suddenly produced a bonny baby!!!!. David lived with Roy & Clara for a year or two before they had a child of their own, called Terence ( me ) Roy & Clare had the opportunity to adopt David but decided not to, as they thought that he should keep his own identity. My earliest memory was sharing a double bed with David & for many years to come. David always called Roy & Clare, Auntie & Uncle to maintain his identity. No formal paperwork for taking David into their home was ever completed, or suggested.

Gladys previously at one stage, went to live with Roy & Clare, It might have been when Olive was having David, as the distance from Roy's & Clare's house, to where Olive lived with George was within walking distance.

   After Olive died, David's father George was not interested in how David was getting on & did not come to visit him at all, he then started a new family & had several children with his new wife. David had no contact with him at all, & when Terry was around 8 years old, himself & David cycled over to his dads new family home several times over a couple of years, but never meet the new wife or his Dad & were never invited into the family home. We met his half sister & another half sibling, and just played in the garden with them, for hour or two then went back home to Molesey.