Family     Images

                                                            23rd March 1944

Roy,  Terry,  Andrew,  Rosemarie,  Clare
19th February 1967

         Clare, Roy, with new baby Terry

      Baby Terry christening
Roy, Clare, at Terry's Christening
             2 to 3 weeks old
                                               Photo's taken at 11, Cul de sac Road,    East Molesey.   Later re-named to 31, School Road,

                                                                              Clare with Terry about 1940                             Clare with Terry at 3 years 2 months

Derek, Terry, David
at Asby, Cumbria, during the war
Rosemarie, Monty, Terry
beside the river Thames at Hampton Court

Auntie Joan, David, Roy.
at School Road, East Molesey

Terry, Rosemarie, David.
Terry & David

Auntie Queen,Terry, David.
Auntie Joan & Terry
David with soft toy

Cousins  -  Ann, Paul, David, Terry, Derek,
Paul died when he was about 21 from ?? disease

Joan & with Clare in cart
Clare & David
Clare with David


Baby Terry
Quinnee, Clare, Joan, sisters together
Clare with baby Terry