1) Fireplace too imposing so it had to go
2) Gone and woodburning stove revealed, Mella blacked the chimney and Terry drywalled the sides, ceiling and backwall which was then plastered at great expense!!
3) The finished product., note french doors to right of pic. 4) View to the left of fireplace, dinning area, back window and door with kitchen to left.
5) Sofa in sitting room with door at top of stairs and open plan stairs to upper bedrooms. French doors to deck on left.
1) The original kitchen
2) The old larder cupboard facing the fridge
3) This cupboard in the sitting room area was closed up. The old larder and the back of this cupboard wall was demolished to fit the fridge/freezer and wall ovens below
4) The old kitchen demolished
5) Fridge and built in oven and microwave in original cupboard spaces of photos 2) and 3)

6) Corner units, new shelves to be installed in the gap sometime.

7) View back of kitchen with sink under window
8) Mella resting on her laurels thanks to IKEA and Dad
1) Road outside 1762 Apline Drive
2) An awful lot of trees
3) View of 1762 Alpine Drive after the trees were demolished. Dumpster bottom left
4) The old deck demolished. Full frontal of Mella's gaf #3 Alpine Drive
5) The new deck minus the green facing, another day's work. Middle tree built into deck
6) View from Mella's front deck facing South/West
7) The old back decks
8) Decks replaced