WHEATLEY.ORG    Family Tree.

Edward William Wheatley 
    born 21-5-1852 died 3nd Aug 1910             Married     16th Sept 1856  to  Alice Frost   St Mary's Acton Middlesex.
Edward William Wheatley married to Alice Frost
 Alice Frost     
  born:-16th Sept 1856

  Alice Louise Wheatley   William Wheatley

born 21-5-1852 Sunbury, Middlesex.
died 3nd Aug 1910 East Molesey

  born 1850 died 14th Feb 1919

    Frederick Arthur Wheatley   Albert Bertram Wheatley
Alice Louise Wheatley      married to
born 1881    died Oct 1966


    Charles Henry Wheatley   Hetty Wheatley
William Wheatley     Maried to


    Daisey Ethel Wheatley   Stanley Wheatley
  Norman Wheatley

  Federick Arthur Wheatley   married   to born 1882    died 20th Mar 1929

  Betrice Marie

      Edward Wheatley
  Evelyn Wheatley
  Margaret Wheatley
  Beatrice Alice Wheatley
  Charles Harold Wheatley
  Roy Bertram Wheatley
  Federick Aries Wheatley
  Mary Lilian Wheatley
  Alice Maud Wheatley
  Albert Wheatley    married to
  died   ??  Apr  1920
        Olive Wheatley
  Roy Bertram Wheatley


  Edward William Wheatley
  Alice Frost