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  Children of Albert Bertram Wheatley

Roy Clare's 50th Wedding Anniversary
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Roy & Clare

Roy & Clare


                                                                                                                      Terry, David, Clare, Roy, Rosemarie, Andrew
       Catherine, Paul, Clare, Roy, Samantha, Richard

  David, Terry, Fred Coleau (Mums neighbour) Ann Nicholas (cousin married to Ken) Richard, Lille Coleau , Rosemaire, Ian Bloodworth (Rosemamie's husband,) not sure, Catherine, Gladys Gator, (Davids half sister), (not sure), Clare, Carole (Davids wife) not sure, Win Metcalf (best friend), Samantha, not sure, Brian Metcalf ( best friend), Roy, Paul ( Andrew's son ) Ken (Anns husband), Andrew, Bert Shepard & Joan (mums sister, wife of Bert )

Catherine , Roy, Clare, Richard, Samantha, Paul

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