WHEATLEY.ORG    Family Tree.

  Child of Albert Bertram Wheatley & Beatrice Marie

  Roy Bertram Wheatley
  born :- 9 March 1913
  died :-  14  Oct
  Clara Nicholas   ( Clare )
  born :-     29 Jan 1913
  died :-      14 Jan  2001
  married :-  2 May 1937
  Terence Roy Wheatley
  Rosemarie Wheatley
  Andrew Charles Wheatley
baptism, 15 Jun 1913 at St Mary's, East Molesey
born :- 1, Sefton Cottages, School Road. 
when married Clare & himself lived at :-
 11 Cul-de-Sac Road,
  years later renamed, 31 School Rd, East Molesey

died :- 14 Oct 1988  Westminster, Middlesex
intered Randells Park Crematorian  
no :- 387
Re-intered to Worthing Crematotian to the same plot as his wife Clare

  Baptism :- Tolworth, Surrey

  Nicholas Family Tree


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Wedding  &   50th Wedding


Royal Air Force




Clare at some stage started working as a cashier in Biggs Butchers, on Walton Road, East Molesey, whilst working there she stayed with the Biggs family ( as a lodger ) at that time we have no idea if her Mother & Father had moved from Tolworth to East Molesey.
Roy started to work for Biggs Butchers as a rounds man & general helper. Clare, when later in life, ammitted to Terry that she said to herslf that
" I Want Him "  and so achieve her ambition.
Now the war started in 1939, but Roy was not called up until October 1940 to join the RAF, There is an image of him wearing a
Firemans uniform holding baby Terry

as a guess, just maybe, when Roy & Clare married, they thought that with them both working in a small space
wold not be a good idea, so Roy left Biggs butches & joined the fire service, to become a Fireman ??
He joined Clare's father & brother in the local brigade, at some stage.